Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Hello good people! A very warm welcome to all you readers to our #1 issue of InnerView. We are happy that we have finally completed the issue after much hassle and plights. Innerview zine consisting of 75.7% ( yeah, that accurate) interviews with people in the scene, be it bands, artist, individuals or whoever that i think worth to be interviewed. It’s really interesting to know people out there have a lot of exciting things and opinions to share with viewers. I can go on and on writing my own stuff, but then this is not about me, this is about you (damn corny, i thinks it’s Digi’s slogan, duh). So, this is some sort of platform for people to express things, to reveal what you have inside and also for other people to read and learn things from them. So, its basically, it’s about the same causes like what other zines have to offer. The freedom of expression and all that jazz. We have another 24.3% space for articles, artsy fartsy stuffs and a bit of reviews. Fucking write, draw, paint, sing, strip etc. whatever you feel like. There shouldn’t be any boundaries or limitations. Censorship sucks big time so why do we need to go through that channel again? As cliché as what the advertisement on TV reminds you, still it’s TRUE. “THE POWER IS IN YOUR HANDS”… However, I’m so sorry to say that this is no forum or channel for you to discuss about religion and personal beliefs. We’re not saints nor are we sinners. I don’t care whether we need to go through the right path for the promised heaven or wrong path for assured hell. We appreciate that if you could keep that to yourself. Thank you in advance.So I hope that this #1 issue will give you something to ponder or maybe to laugh about. You don’t have to agree to everything that is published here however, being in disagreement doesn’t mean that we need to start a fist fight. Remember…freedom of expression? Do we need another Censorship Board, Ministry of Information or another ISA? If the answer is yes, then you are definitely in the wrong channel now. Please buy yourself Utusan Malaysia or URTV for sheer reading pleasure… Also get a MANGGA magazine while you’re at it. :PIf you think that the content is lame and you can do it so much better, then strut your stuffs and make our jaws dropped! Share with us your activities, bands, artworks, poems, photos, thoughts, views, money (very welcome) and even your pregnancy test results. We’re ready!Enjoy this issue and hopefully there’ll be more issues to come. Peace, Love and Equality! Be good!

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Jesse said...

Hey! Just wanted to say your blog is looking great. I'm going to continue reading =)

By the by, I like song of the day, it's a nice feature...but I'm surprised you're using "Bresso" and those other Mp3 search engines.

You should take a look at iZaRia.us. Makes it really easy to Share Songs through blog posts and such... =)

Once again, love the blog =)